Primary Research Objectives

The primary research objective of MIT Geonumerics is to develop next generation oil reservoir simulation technologies which are able to enhance our knowledgeof reservoir physics and provide a means by which to enhance oil recovery.

Conventional simulation tools used for reservoir modeling generally decouple the multi-physics nature of the environment and model phenomena such as fluid dynamics, rock mechanics, surface chemistry, electro-chemical physics and acoustic response using separate, specialized modeling tools. The unique approach of MIT Geonumerics has been to recognize that many of these physical reservoir attributes have complex interdependencies and isolated modeling of any one trait may, in fact, be missing features critical to an accurate simulation result.

Correspondingly, it has been our goal to develop a simulation framework capable of simulating multi-physics in an integrated way. Due to the high complexity of such an endeavor, high performance computing is integral to our approach.

While still in the early stages of this multi-disciplinary project, initial results strongly support the idea that such an integrated simulation framework can be developed.

Our research team